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Windows 98 Setup | Windows XP Setup

Please Note: These are minimum setup instructions and do not cover all possibilities with regard to optimizing your Internet connection or your operating system. OT&T cannot guarantee you connection reliability. We are able to provide only limited technical support via telephone if you have problems setting up your system. We will schedule an appointment to come and set up the Internet at an additional charge of $32.00 an hour. This is billed in quarter-hour increments from the time we leave until we return to the office.

Windows 98 Setup Instructions

Preparing to Configure:

  1. Delete Online Folders, Microsoft Network and Internet Setup shortcuts on the Desktop.
    (Right click on the icon and select Delete or click and drag to Recycle Bin)
  2. Remove Online Services from the Taskbar and Start Menu. Click Start > Settings > Taskbar, Remove. Select Online Services and Microsoft Network. Remove them.
  3. Delete Online Services Folder from C:\Programs Files.
  4. Empty Recycle Bin.

Configuring Network Protocols:

  1. Start > Settings > Control Panel, Network
  2. Ensure only the following items are installed: Client for Microsoft Networks : Dial Up Adapter : TCP/IP
  3. Click on TCP/IP and Properties
  4. IP Address is automatically assigned.
  5. WINS Resolution is disabled.
  6. No Gateway
  7. DNS Configuration is disabled

Configuring Dial-Up Connection:

  1. My Computer, Dial Up Networking
  2. Click make a new connection
  3. OTT as name
  4. 221-1111 number to dial, then click Finish
  5. Right Click on the new OTT Connection. Select properties
  6. Uncheck use country code and area code
  7. Select Server Type
  8. Uncheck Log on to Network
  9. Uncheck IPX/SPX and Netbeui protocols
  10. Make sure that TCP/IP is checked
  11. Click OK

Configuring Internet Options:

  1. Start > Settings > Control Panel, Internet
  2. General Tab. - Home page is http://www.oklatel.net/
  3. Settings under Temporary Internet Files. Set to 1%.
  4. History Files. Set to 5 days.
  5. Connection Tab. Set to connect using modem. Settings set to OTT
  6. Enter username and password.
  7. Uncheck the option to Disconnect if Idle.

Configuring Outlook Express ( E-Mail Program):

  1. Click on Outlook Express. If prompted for a location for the files, select the default.
  2. When Outlook Express opens, click on Tools > Accounts.
  3. Enter username.
  4. Enter email address (your username@oklatel.net).
  5. Mail Server names for POP3 and SMTP are mail.oklatel.net
  6. Enter username and password in blanks.
  7. Choose connect via phone line. Select the OTT Connection.
  8. When Wizard completes , select properties for your mail account.
  9. Add your email address in the Reply To box.
  10. Close Tools, Account.
  11. Open Tools > Options.
  12. Select the When Starting, Go directly to my Inbox Folder Option.
  13. On the Dial Up Tab, Select the Do Not Dial a connection option.
  14. Close Options.

Windows XP Setup Instructions

Configuring Dial Up Connection:

  1. Start, Control Panel, Network Connections
    (In Control Panel click Switch to Classic view on top left corner of screen if you are in category view.)
  2. Click make a new connection on top left corner of screen.
  3. New Connection Wizard will appear. (Click Next)
  4. Select Connect to Internet. (Click Next)
  5. Select Set up my connection manually. (Click Next)
  6. Select Connect using a dial-up modem. (Click Next)
  7. Type OTT in the text box for ISP Name. (Click Next)
  8. Type 221-1111 in the text box for Phone Number. (Click Next)
  9. Type your username assigned to you by OTT in text box for Username.
  10. Type your password assigned to you by OTT in text box for Password.
  11. Re-type your password assigned to you by OTT in text box for Confirm password. (Click Next)
  12. Click Finish.
  13. Close and go back to your Desktop.

Configuring Internet Options:

  1. Start, Control Panel, Internet Options.
    (In Control Panel click Switch to Classic view on top left corner of screen if you are in category view.)
  2. General Tab - Home page is http://www.oklatel.net/
  3. Connections Tab - Select Always use my Default Connection
  4. Make sure OTT is set as your current default connection if not Click Set Default.
  5. Click Apply then OK.

Configuring Outlook Express:

  1. Click on Outlook Express.
  2. If Setup Wizard Appears Cancel out of it.
  3. Click on Tools towards the top of the screen.
  4. Click on Accounts.
  5. Select Mail Tab.
  6. Click Add then highlight Mail.
  7. Type Name you want to appear when sending an e-mail in Display name text box. (Click Next)
  8. Type E-Mail address assigned to you by OTT in E-mail address text box. (Click Next)
  9. Type mail.oklatel.net in incoming and outgoing mail servers text box. (Click Next)
  10. Type username assigned to you by OTT in username text box. (Click Next)
  11. Type password assigned to you by OTT in password text box. (Click Next)
  12. Click Finish and then close internet accounts box.